A Flying Artwork, Emiliano Ponzi 4

A Flying Artwork • Institute for Production of Wonder

A Flying Artwork, always great working with that genius of…

The Great New York Subway Map, Emiliano Ponzi

The Great New York Subway Map • MoMa

This book introduces young readers to the idea of graphic design…


World Wide Wonder • Pirelli

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD •Welcome to a wider world Pirelli World…

The Gallery Emiliano Ponzi 1

The Gallery • Milano City Life

In the heart of City Life, the Milan Trade Fair redevelopment…

Annecy Italian Film Festival 2017 Poster by Emiliano Ponzi 6

The Diva • Annecy Italian Film Festival 2017

“The Diva” is the character designed to represent the 34th…

Emiliano Ponzi 36 vues du canal Saint Martin 1

36 vues du canal Saint Martin Original Art • Galerie Treize-dix, Paris

Pencils on paper, 36 vues du canal Saint Martin at Galerie…

TRENTA3-Speaking in vinyl Exhibition Emiliano Ponzi 2

TRENTA3 – Speaking in vinyl Exhibition • Rosso20Sette Gallery

TRENTA3-Speaking in vinyl Exhibition, Leonard Cohen • …


Emiliano Ponzi moderated the panel between Nicholas Blechman,…

Bulgari Bridal Asia, Windows Installation by Emiliano Ponzi 7

Windows Installation • Bulgari Bridal Asia

A work born out of a collaboration with Bulgari Bridal on the…


The Voyeur’s Motel

The Voyeur’s Motel • The New Yorker The Voyeur’s…

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