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Sense and Sensibility Documentary

Emiliano Ponzi illustrator documentary by RSI, Swiss Television
Directed by Fabio De Luca
Last December I was contacted by movie/TV director Fabio De Luca from RSI, the Swiss television. They were very interested in building a story around my job and the way I feel it. Not just a usual documentary but something more, a view that could show both the inner and the outer side.In the movie  I literally interact with my illustrations and they do the same with me. Fabio and his crew created a scenography inspired to my world. Everything happened inside the room and on the blueback screen that surrounded me.
We talked for many months about the project design and last April we were ready to record “Sense and Sesibility” an illustrated documentary. The headline comes from my personal belief that dealing with creativity not mean only emotions: a bigger part is hard work to give those emotions a recognizable shape for me and the viewers. It is as learing a new language, how hard is it? but what a satisfaction when people understand the sentences coming out of your mouth?
I do also funny actions during the 7 minutes movie because we strongly felt that playing and the wonder of the play is something that connect people.
It was broadcasted in a RSI television show called “cult Tv”, avaliable on YouTube with English subtitles.
A big thanks to all people that worked around this project, from the producers, to the cameramen, the light designer, the sound designer. To RSI and to Fabio. It was an amazing experience.