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Dive into a world where creativity collides with the essence of leadership! We’re thrilled to unveil Megalomaniacs. From a brilliant idea by Damian Bradfield who remembers playing Top Chumps when he was a kid, an electrifying game adorned with the masterful illustration and design of MA+Art talent, Emiliano Ponzi and Craig Ward

In a time when defining role models feels like navigating uncharted waters, Megalomaniacs emerges as a beacon of thought-provoking dialogue. Imagine a game that sparks discussions on the very qualities defining leadership today – honesty, integrity, and vision. Amidst a sea of complex challenges, this game transcends mere entertainment. It’s a platform for conversations that matter. Picture evenings buzzing with talks about the values that should steer our societies toward a brighter future. Megalomaniacs isn’t just a game; it’s a catalyst for change.

Ponzi’s en point portraits enrich every move, prompting reflections on altruism, truth, and modesty. Gather friends, family, or colleagues for a gaming experience that enlightens as much as it entertains.

Discover Megalomaniacs – where the power of play meets the canvas of leadership.