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The Dreamer: Stories from another world

“The Dreamer: stories from another world”

Emiliano Ponzi solo show

Sun Ke Villa, Columbia Circle, Shanghai, China

January 7th-March 5th 2023

I’m honored to announce the official opening of “The Dreamer: stories from another world” my solo exhibition at Sun Ke Villa, Columbia Circle in Shanghai. From January the 7th to March the 5th, 2023.
The show includes not just archive images but artworks and sculptures specifically designed as tribute to China and the great Chinese tradition.
2023 is the year of the Rabbit, symbol of peace and prosperity, you will find many rabbits in the exhibition as wish of longevity and hope.It is a real honor to be in Shanghai. I feel a deep connection with the Chinese culture, we both (Italy and China) come from a glorious past, we experienced poverty, we were rural small communities and we then built great countries working hard everyday.A gigantic thanks to @vcollective_ltd for organizing the show, to the boss @vitoplantamura@shirleywin54 , @fuujuuu and everyone else worked hard especially in these difficult times, to @andrea_sguerri for the amazing exhibition concept, for setting up of all the artworks in dialogue with the villa’s spaces and furnitures, to @mariavittoriabaravelli for the curatorship and the Italian @iicshanghai for the support.A special thanks to @marvis_is for supporting the whole event and for believing in the project since day one, without you none of this beauty would have been possible.Dear Chinese friends, I was waiting for long time to be at the opening in person, visiting your amazing country and enjoy your great culture. I couldn’t but I’m there with my heart and all my feelings.



感谢此次展览的举办方@vcollective_ltd,包括其创始人@vitoplantamura@shirleywin54@fuujuuu, Qu, 小闻以及其他所有的工作人员,在这个特别困难的时期实现了这场展览。我还要感谢@andrea_sguerri,是他赋予整个展览空间独特的概念,让创意可以流淌在百年建筑孙科别墅内,和整个空间有机互动;当然还有策展人@mariavittoriabaravelli,以及意大利驻沪总领事馆文化处的支持。

特别感谢此次展览的独家赞助伙伴 Marvis @marvis_is,是你们从一开始就给予展览信心,没有你们也不会有这些美丽的发生。