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White Noise • The New York Times

Sunday New York Times Book review cover and inside image about Don DeLillo “White Noise” and the Noah Baumbach film.

What a 1985 Novel Can Tell Us About Life in the 2020s: Almost Everything. Don DeLillo’s book “White Noise,” newly adapted for the screen by Noah Baumbach, precisely diagnosed the modern condition.

Noah Baumbach’s funny and very stylish film adaptation of “White Noise” is a great invitation to return to the source material, Don DeLillo’s novel from almost 40 years ago. When I reread it, I was struck by how hilarious it still is, how accurate to its moment (what in an interview DeLillo called “the particular skin of the late 20th century”) and yet, like all great books, how it also speaks to this moment; the same absurdities and ironies still apply.

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