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The Lights • Montblanc

“The lights, the lights”
a gift story about reunion @montblanc

“My parents come from a small village in the south of Italy but in the 70s they moved to the north for work. All their relatives were still living in the south and we used to spend the Christmas holiday with them. This was our gift, enjoying time together.
The village of 3 thousand people was on a mountain tall enough to be fully covered by snow in December.
It was a 9 hours trip, the car was fully loaded: we used to say we were moving the entire house.
I was 5 or 6 and we spent the whole trip listening to the music from Italian 80s singers.
There was a growing emotions the more we got closer to my mother family house.
My grandmother and my aunts used to wear their coats and wait for us on the balcony.
My mother used to wake me up a couple of minutes before entering the last curve of the highway saying “the lights, the lights” because after that curve it was possible to see the first lights of the village. The gift I’m talking about is reunion. Such a strong and fulfilling emotion”
video by @marcorosella