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Un bene al mondo • Andrea Bajani

Book cover for “Un bene al mondo” by Andrea Bajani published by Feltrinelli 2022. The animation was dona by Felice Amoruso to advertising the launch of the brand new edition book.

Once upon a time there was a child who had pain, he never separated from it. “The pain was faithful to the child,” and it was only with him that she wanted to play. The child takes care of him, feeds him, accompanies him to the edge of the small town at the foot of a mountain, in the woods, keeps him with him at school, under the table when he eats.
Even the father of the child has a pain, which sometimes, without warning, throws down the doors of the house, and barks with screams that seem to come from the center of the world. That destructive pain scares the child and makes him feel alone: at least until he, together with his puppy, he meets the thin girl who lives beyond the railway. Then everything takes the shape of her, the falling leaves of her are her hands, her passage at her level, her lashes fluttering, her tracks her slender legs stretched out in the grass.