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Salone del Mobile Milano 60th anniversary 2022 Campaign

Emiliano Ponzi illustrates 60th anniversary Salone Mobile Milano 2022

From the hand of the young and multi award-winning Italian illustrator come six posters celebrating the anniversary of the trade fair and narrating its relationship with the city, the people and how customs have evolved from 1961 to today.

Following in the footsteps of illustrious predecessors such as Massimo Vignelli, Pierluigi Cerri, Guido Scarabottolo and Lorenzo Marini, Emiliano Ponzi, one of Italy’s most esteemed and award-winning illustrators at international level today, has been entrusted with the communication campaign image for the 60 Years of the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 .

The artist, famous for his essential, precise style and his quasi-metaphysical atmospheres, has been commissioned to create six posters – one for each decade in the fair’s history – celebrating its heritage and illustrating its deep ties to the city and to the evolution of design, lifestyles, and demands of the social agenda

The artist’s signature is unmistakable and the result is a narration in different episodes that unpicks the reasons why the Salone has always been so much more than just a trade fair, becoming a mouthpiece for the values and skills that have made Milan the undisputed global capital of design.

He decided to steer clear of the information and didactic aspect from the outset, focusing on the concept of celebrating and transmitting a reflection on the Salone by harnessing an emotive approach.

He achieved this by delving into the rituals and customs that have shaped the identities of Italy and Milan from 1961 to the present day, condensing the emotion and suspense generated by the unexpected into each illustration.

The first poster depicts a Sixties Milan interior, the second portrays the working-class city of the Seventies; the third focuses on Eighties swinging Milan (Milano da bere), the city of fashion and design; he took his inspiration for the Nineties from La Scala Theatre and its relationship with the Salone, while for the first decade of 2000. He focused on the new Fiera Milan spaces in Rho, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and inaugurated in 2005. The final poster reflects on the past and ushers in the future, focusing on the concept of sustainability, now one of the trade fair priorities.

Emiliano’s work has therefore involved great synthesis, identifying the most representative elements of the city and its relationship with the Salone, while maintaining a crosscutting approach and vision, best suited also to expressing the cross-pollinations bound up in this relationship.

Maria Porro on 60th anniversary Salone Mobile Milano 2022

We have entrusted the creative side of the communication for the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano to the masterly touch of Emiliano Ponzi, an internationally renowned illustrator, because we believe that his design-like style and the evocative power of his works, in which a feeling of both elegy and memory can be discerned, were those most suited to celebrating the anniversary of the trade fair,” said Salone del Mobile President, Maria Porro. “With Emiliano’s interpretation of the 60 years of the Salone, we wanted to rise above our traditional canons and our institutional language to narrate the story of the fair and its successes as well as the evolving tastes, lifestyles and even the city of Milan that have served not just as a backdrop to but also as a driver of design in its own right and of the fair itself. The result is a collection of powerfully meaningful illustrations, emotions triggered by memories and feelings and confidence in the future that lies ahead.”

Emiliano Ponzi

It was an honour as well as a duty for me to respond to the Salone’s call,” said Emiliano Ponzi. “Narrating this seminal institution and its ties with Milan right now, at this complicated point in history, meant seeing design as an instrument of redemption for an entire sector and for an entire society. I envisaged a challenging journey during which I would have to act as an interpreter for the men and women who have contributed to making Milan an opportunity for cultural exchange. It’s been truly enthralling and exciting.”

Augmented reality for 60th anniversary Salone Mobile Milano 2022 

Breaking with the traditional communication style of the Salone del Mobile, augmented reality will usher in a new level of relationship and interaction between illustration and audience. Our partnership with Alkanoids, a Milan-based creative studio specialising in motion graphics, 2D/3D animation and filmmaking, has added a new digital component to the images.

Thanks to the app, scanning the QR code on each of the posters will bring the illustrations to life, ceasing to be static and flat and actually moving. In each picture, one or more elements will come alive, guaranteed to stoke wonder and emotion in the viewer.

The communication will take size and shape in the daily and periodic printed media, in banners in the web and digital sphere, on the social networks and out-of-home advertising. The six posters, culminating in a seventh all-round illustration, will gradually be unveiled during the campaign, which was launched in December abroad and in just a few weeks also in Italy.

Further details to come soon. Stay tuned!
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