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Last Campaign for GVA Redilco Sigest: Future City

Last Campaign for GVA Redilco Sigest: the city of the future is a space for imagination and a masterpiece in which man can finally touch the sky.
Only Today the mural in piazza Diaz, Milano






Photos  @alessandrovona

A personal quote for the GVA Redilco Sigest last campaign “Future city”: I always have an anthropocentric vision of images where the figure moves in a landscape that can dominate or from which it can be dominated. Humans relationship with the environment is always two-way, in a relationship of continuous exchanges. The city of the future will certainly be a vertical place, a space of imagination and a masterpiece of man’s great dream: to finally be able to touch the sky. Functional homes to the needs of those who live them every day, with lots of light, lots of reflections, earth and grass in boundless spaces