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Blooming Rimini

“Blooming Rimini” are urban scenographies to dress the city of wonder: arriving at the train station you it is possible to see two murals representing the meeting of two kids: the first falls in love in the holiday resorts, the butterflies in the stomach that last a season, the discovery of new flavors and smells that remain impressed like furrows in the minds of adolescents. The station is also a place of departures: greetings with the promise to meet again next summer, or goodbye until the next meeting, at least in everyone’s dreams.

The images became stories thanks to the wonderful words of @marcomissirolimm and @alkanoids gave life and movement to my still frames. (by downloading the Aria app and framing the murals you will be able to see the characters move and hear the rustle of the wind among the flowers)

Blooming Rimini are also the spectacular mandalas of the master @enricodeluigi scattered around the city.

Full Blooming Rimini project here