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Limited edition T-shirt in VR • Uniqlo

Limited edition T-shirt designed for Uniqlo celebrating the KANSHASAI FESTIVAL 2021. KANSHASAI means “Thank you“: By designing a flower I wanted to recall one of my children memory when I used to buy one tulip for my mother (sometimes with lunch money) on my way back from school. I guess I wanted to please and thank her for everything. We always love to push boundaries so the t-shirt is more than that, it’s an Augmented Reality product realized and animated by the incredible Alkanoids. They gave life, sound and soul to my drawing. The t-shirt is a gift from the first 100 people who will go shopping in the Uniqlo Milano store. On June 17th from 2pm until the evening we could talk at draw for some workshop sessions at the Milano Uniqlo store