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Being Human • Android

Being Human”a Docu series by Android with one of the best team ever WTBR Chez Elyse Bristol, United Kingdom “To go back into a kitchen, it’s like home away from home. I’m like a quadruple master of multitasking. You know, who needs sight?” -Elyse Bezuidenhout, Chef As a child, Elyse Bezuidenhout was introduced to the magic world of cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen. But when she lost most of her eyesight at age 24, her career as a chef came to a halt: or so she thought. After a five year journey to regain her sense of self, she found her way back into a restaurant kitchen, mastering a new level of her craft than she could have ever imagined possible before. “Being Human Is” a docuseries that tells the stories of individuals united in their desire to dream bigger – and in their ability to go out and make those dreams come true. From connecting folks across oceans to allowing Deaf hockey players to communicate easier, these short films demonstrate the power of technology to help open doors and break down barriers. Thank you to all those involved with this fifth and final episode of season 1.