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Memorandus @ Palazzo Grassi

Memorandus • Open Lab 14 -19 May 2020
Emiliano Ponzi will invite us to reflect upon memory and longing.

‘Memories are fragments of past experiences and, as time passes by, they define who we are. The act of remembering is the act of telling. It is a tool always at our disposal to remember the face of people we have met, or that we wish we had met, and the emotions that we carry within us. There is a boundary line when memory becomes fiction, daydream. Starting from the experience of the lockdown, which forced us to keep our distances from others, and guided by our memory and wishes, we create 6 portraits of people we wish we could meet. In our imagination we can meet anyone we like. Likeness is not important, what matters is that the portraits trigger an emotion.’
full lab exercises here