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American West • The Silkscreen Series 2018

AMERICAN WEST Emiliano Ponzi Silkscreen 2018
Limited Edition silkscreen available here

3 series of 53, signed, printed on Fedrigoni Materica Limestone 360gr

•Antelope Canyon, 50x50cm, 7 colors silkscreen

•Hotel Roosevelt, 50x50cm, 4 colors silkscreen

•Sunset Boulevard, 50x50cm, 8 colors silkscreen

While visiting the American West in summer 2018 Emiliano Ponzi draw landscapes and urban sceneries. Amazed by the first sketches, The New Yorker Magazine asked him to takeover their art IG account for 8 days. “American West” book was published with a selection of 30 images in January 2018 and  now we are proud to share “American West” The silkscreen 2018 series: 3 artworks turned into a limited edition silkscreen created by print masters at”Press Press” in Milano.