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Pirelli 2017 Annual Report is like an illustrated storybook • Torque

Digital technology is transforming companies and making them faster, more agile and competitive. That’s what is happening inside Pirelli which, in the 2017 Integrated Annual Report, showcases its digital transformation story alongside those of five 4.0 craftsmen, where digital transformation has been the key to growing their businesses.

“Data meets passion” is the title of Pirelli’s 2017 Integrated Annual Report, which continues what has now become a Pirelli tradition of presenting its annual report by going beyond numbers to art and literature; in this case, with the artistic and cultural contributions of the artist Emiliano Ponzi and three internationally famous writers Mohsin Hamid, Tom McCarthy and Ted Chiang. They have been given the task of expressing how digital technology imposes changes on society and people.

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