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The unbearable lightness of time • Linc Magazine

The unbearable lightness of time by Serena Scarpello

My high school thesis was devoted to the issue of Time: I included an image of the melting watches by Salvador Dalì (“The persistence of memory”) on the cover, and I revisited the works by Italo Svevo, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Nietzsche, Horace and Seneca.

If I had to re-write it today, I would start from a different but still liquid image, that of the many digital watches that accompany us everywhere and anytime, and which, no matter whether they are worn on the wrist or stored inside the pocket, the bag or placed on top of our desk or bedside table, they remind us of the time flow, appointments, temperature or a friend expecting an answer from us on some matter – more or less important. I would also quote: Zygmunt Bauman, Dave Eggers, Paolo Sorrentino, Lewis Carrol, Marina Abramović, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

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